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The Beatles Love

At this point, it seems obvious to point out The Beatles “Love” has been the only thing in 40 years able to usurp Magical Mystery Tour from the throne of the worst Beatles album ever. And that’s probably because it … Continue reading

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The Beatles Anthology

It doesn’t exactly take a Freudian analyst to point out that behind peoples love of gossip magazines and behind-the-scenes documentaries lies their love of seeing stars makes gaffes, fall down, get hurt, but mostly, just mess up. And we like … Continue reading

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Fender 1960′s Style Telecaster

There are few guitars as underrated as the Telecaster. The first time one sees it it looks silly, or even goofy–the body is awkwardly shaped, the pickups are different from one another, and let’s not even get started on the … Continue reading

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Tanqueray Gin

Perhaps you’re looking for a gin one night. You’ve only seen the small hipster poster ads for Hendrick’s covered in cucumber cut-outs and you know that Beefeater is what your parents and grandparents drink. Tanqueray advertisements are all over the … Continue reading

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Top 5 Badass Poets of All Time

Too often do the words effeminate, touchy-feely, emo, fruity, and just flat out lame get associated with poetry. Well while it may be true that writing about your feelings and about the nature of a spring day can make you … Continue reading

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Vanessa’s Dumplings

There are moments in life when how hungry you are surpasses how much money you have, or how willing you are to look for food that won’t leave your head hovering over toilet or fill you with an almost immediate … Continue reading

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Before you read anything, before you pass any judgments, before you have any ideas at all, let us remind you that Rez-de-Chaussée or RdC, isn’t a blog or a tumblr, or even really a magazine. It’s a way of life. … Continue reading

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