Before you read anything, before you pass any judgments, before you have any ideas at all, let us remind you that Rez-de-Chaussée or RdC, isn’t a blog or a tumblr, or even really a magazine. It’s a way of life.

We give you not only the tools for the most efficient and enjoyable life without breaking your bank, but we give you the means to learn and discern for yourself what is good, or what is bad, and what is worth investing in, and what is not. We may overlap with other blogs or magazines–our goal is not to be contrarian. But when we disagree with the rest of the world, you should probably trust we’ve got it right. Trust us. In 20 years, you do not want to be sitting on the steps of the Bowery Mission at 3 am drinking a tallboy of Pabst Blue Ribbon or a 40 of Steel Reserve out of a brown paper bag, crawling and crying in the rain, shouting Why The Hell didn’t I read RdC?

Or would you rather be sitting in an apartment, full of objects, products, and ideas that you love, and that enrich you, far away and safe from the things drag you behind and slow you down, and cloud your judgment. We help pick out the best that life has to offer and help rake out the bullshit that gets in the way.

Let us be your compass. Let us tell you about Schlitz, so that you never have to drink Coors again. Let us tell you about Radiguet and Pushkin so that you don’t have to read Capote or McCourt. Let us tell you about Santa Margherita so that you don’t waste another summer in the tourist-infested Nice. Let us tell you about Corneliani so that you do not spend another cent on Chrisitan Dior. Let us tell you about Silver Moon Bakery so that you never have to eat another Hot and Crusty croissant for the rest of your lives.

Trust us, take our hand, and we shall stand you in good stead, and we will give you the very best of everything. This much, dear reader, is a motherfuckin’ promise.

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