Alden Indy Boot

Just because you’re not actually Indiana Jones (That’s Dr. Jones, to you), doesn’t mean you won’t encounter hard times. And just because you haven’t sipped from Jesus’ goblet or seen one man rip another’s heart out, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear the same shoes as someone who has. Luckily, Alden–the maker of the original 405 boot preferred by Harrison Ford–has decided to re-release the Indy Boot in its original state.

The dark brown shoes look just as rugged and as indestructibly cool as they do in the movies. The boots also succeed where a great deal of outdoor and hiking footwear has fallen short;  they maintain a surprisingly sleek silhouette and don’t flag you as a granola-munching backpacker if you wear them inside or with jeans. They join ruggedly dangerous outdoorsy style with a practical, urban feel. They keep outdoorsmen safe in the city and protect toes from bike-messengers and closing subway doors as well as they protect professors like Dr. Indiana Jones from snakes.

The Indy Boots let the world know that you live a normal life, but sometimes have to shift gears and fly off to Africa in a heartbeat and kick some serious ass. Be careful however–completing the outfit with a safari shirt, a fedora, and a whip won’t make you more like Indiana Jones; you’ll probably only end up looking like an impersonator heading to a nine-year-old’s birthday party.

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One Response to Alden Indy Boot

  1. Well I can’t say that I would wear them hahah but I am sure there are plenty of people who will!

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