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Non-Airconditioned Train Cars

The scene is much like the set up to a bad joke. It’s late at night, you’ve been waiting on the platform for half an hour, you’re tired, hungry, maybe drunk, possibly sobering up, but certainly in desperate need of … Continue reading

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Suggestions (we care what you think, kind of)/Twitter

If any of you have any suggestions for anything you would like to seen reviewed, drop us a line at, and we’ll see if it’s worth our time. Oh, and you can also follow us on Twitter.

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Top 5 New York Pizza

Even in a city like New York, nine out of ten times, walking into a pizza parlor is a mistake. Either the cheese has coagulated, undergone rigor mortis, and begun to wrinkle like a scrotum, or there is too much … Continue reading

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Alden Indy Boot

Just because you’re not actually Indiana Jones (That’s Dr. Jones, to you), doesn’t mean you won’t encounter hard times. And just because you haven’t sipped from Jesus’ goblet or seen one man rip another’s heart out, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t … Continue reading

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A Single Man

Perhaps I would have had a higher opinion of this film had I not started it with the assumption that Tom Ford’s poor aesthetic sensibilities in fashion would transfer over to film. How can you trust a man who goes … Continue reading

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The Astroland Cyclone

There are too few experiences in life that leave one actually, genuinely changed. One of them is, without a doubt, riding the Coney Island Cyclone on one’s own. Objectively the ride seems unsafe. It’s the oldest roller-coaster in the world, it’s … Continue reading

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The Beatles Love

At this point, it seems obvious to point out The Beatles “Love” has been the only thing in 40 years able to usurp Magical Mystery Tour from the throne of the worst Beatles album ever. And that’s probably because it … Continue reading

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The Beatles Anthology

It doesn’t exactly take a Freudian analyst to point out that behind peoples love of gossip magazines and behind-the-scenes documentaries lies their love of seeing stars makes gaffes, fall down, get hurt, but mostly, just mess up. And we like … Continue reading

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Fender 1960′s Style Telecaster

There are few guitars as underrated as the Telecaster. The first time one sees it it looks silly, or even goofy–the body is awkwardly shaped, the pickups are different from one another, and let’s not even get started on the … Continue reading

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Tanqueray Gin

Perhaps you’re looking for a gin one night. You’ve only seen the small hipster poster ads for Hendrick’s covered in cucumber cut-outs and you know that Beefeater is what your parents and grandparents drink. Tanqueray advertisements are all over the … Continue reading

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